#1 reason to exercise

The #1 Reason to Exercise

Too Much Exercise is More Harmful Than None If you're like…
easy beef stew

Easy Beef Stew (Instant Pot)

I wanted this stew to be delicious but require the least amount…
b12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency - Why Your Levels Are Low and How to Fix It

Taking a B12 Supplement Is Not Always The Answer Anytime we're…
throw out your multi

The Best Multivitamins for Optimal Health

When I meet with a new client, the first thing I typically have…
Help Digesting Fats

5 Steps for Easier Fat Digestion

How Fat Digestion Works: In my last post, I talked about how…
Eat Fat to Reduce Blood Sugar

Eat Fat to Reduce Blood Sugar

Best Sources of Fat: Up until the mid 1900's, fat was the…
Best Diabetes Diet

The Best Diet for Diabetes - Vegetarian or Meat Eater?

I witnessed a heated debate in one of my Facebook groups where…
The only question if no results

The Only Question to Ask Yourself if You Haven't Seen Results

I want to talk about something that I think a lot of people think they…
Cinnamon to Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Blood Sugar with Cinnamon

Growing up, when someone said cinnamon, I thought sugar: Frosted…
Why Moderation Sucks...What Works Instead

Why "Moderation" Sucks and What Works Instead

Everything in moderation, including moderation. - Oscar Wilde "Everything…
Roasted Cauliflower Zucchini Hummus

Roasted Cauliflower Zucchini Hummus

Hummus is a very creamy and satisfying dip. It's portable, works…
10 Tips to Better Sleep- Prevent Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes

10 Tips to Better Sleep: Prevent Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes

"Adults should sleep 7 or more hours per night on a regular basis…
Allergy Solution Book Review

The Allergy Solution: A Book Review

"Allergic reactions are commonly thought of as misguided or overreactive…
Slow Metabolism?

Think Your Metabolism is Slow? Here's Why.

The Right Way to Think About Metabolism One thing we need…
Radical Honest to Save Your Health

How Radical Honesty Can Save Your Health

"The truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand…
Reflux? Digestive Problems? What You Need To Know!

Reflux? Digestive Problems? What You Need To Know

Proper digestion is the source of all health and vitality. Most…
chia is the new flax

Chia is the New Flax (& How to Hide Chia Seeds in Your Everyday Foods)

What are chia seeds and why should I use them? Great question! Chia…
Reverse Your Symptoms STEP #2

Reverse Your Symptoms (Step #2)

Pay attention to the whispers, so you don’t have to listen…
beef bone broth instant pot version

Bone Broth (Instant Pot version)

I'm super lazy about cooking. But, I love the feeling of accomplishment…
Oxtail Stew - why we eat it

Oxtail Stew (Instant Pot version)

Oxtail may sound exotic (or just plain weird), but it's part…

Reverse Your Symptoms (STEP #1)

Way too often, I see people frustrated and in pain. They have…

Superstar Vitamins for Bone & Heart Health

Unfortunately, the symptom-drug approach (take this drug for…
Best Foods for Your Body

The Best Foods for Your Body

In another post, we looked at how dietary recommendations based…
Myths Driving Us Crazy

5 Food Myths Making Us Unhealthy (and Crazy)

We’re all inundated with information about food. And, like…
Tell You What to Eat

Don't Let Science Tell You What to Eat

Here’s the thing: although science is awesome and helps us…