The only question if no results

The Only Question to Ask Yourself if You Haven’t Seen Results

I want to talk about something that I think a lot of people think they understand, but they actually don’t. And that is, what it takes to get well.

Everyone’s on a “journey”, but I know first-hand how quickly we can start to feel discouraged and lose perspective. There are many reasons for that.

Getting healthy and “wellness” have become catch phrases that sound great, but very few people really and truly get what that means.

And just like the weight loss craze that came before it, the “getting well” wagon is also fueled by a profitable industry of products, gurus and quick fixes that unfortunately keep us locked into that same mindset of: “in just 30 days, you can have X!” (X= some ideal represented by a model or celebrity).

Even those of us who have seen past the superficial and are really looking for a deeper level of health, we’re still being led to believe that somehow “health” looks a certain way, feels a certain way and can be achieved in 30-90 days. Or 6 months to a year.

Whether it’s having all the energy in the world, making our digestive problems disappear or getting all our gray hairs to grow in their natural color, we’re still trapped subconsciously into an oversimplified view of the human body and what it takes to get well.

We think that once we start doing the right things that health is going to be an upward trajectory of feeling good and if we don’t feel good, something is wrong.

And, if we don’t see results in the time we had in mind, that it’s not working.

And, if our body decides it needs to break some shit down before it can build it back up, well, that means we’re even more messed up than we originally thought.

NONE of this is true.

I urge you to consider a huge mindset shift that includes the following ideas:

  1. Our brains can’t possibly fathom the ridiculously complex body that we inhabit. You know about 1% of how the human body works if you are a non-practitioner and I know about 4% as a trained practitioner. Even a neurosurgeon only knows 4% about the human brain. Heck, they just discovered a few months ago that our brains have an immune system! We just found out, like yesterday. This is really important. The majority of what we think is supposed to happen inside of us is based on a partial understanding, which is changing all the time. We’re mostly guessing. The idea that you’ll survive the chemotherapy AND your cancer will be all gone AND you’ll live another 20 years? Total guess. It might work, it might not. We are infinitely complex.
  2. You have body parts and organs that you’ve probably never heard of and every single part of you is connected and talking with everything else and they have had to adapt to whatever happened to you in utero, everything that happened as you were birthed, everything you experienced, ate, drank, breathed in as a child, every chemical, prescription or over the counter medication that it encountered, every injury you’ve ever had and every single emotion and thought you’ve ever had…..all of that has left an imprint, potentially even a scar. It’s all part of what has created who you are today and how your body functions.
  3. When it comes to health, the timelines are not ours. How long will something take? It’s difficult to say. We do not control nature. We must merely support it and give our bodies the tools it needs to heal. Beyond that, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment when we create artificial parameters over something we hardly understand.
  4. Health is messy, change is messy. There are highs and lows. There is no straight line to health and there is no “end result”. You’re always going to have to support yourself if you want to get and stay well.

I humbly say this to you with love because I hear the frustration in the voices of people who write to me and I often hear them say, “I know this will take time, but…”.

There is no but, it takes time and you’re going to get there if you give yourself the time. Period.

And, there may be some things that you can’t totally change and there will be lots of things you can change and likely never have to suffer through again. (So, keep going!)

Breathe, relax and focus on gently easing your body into its process. Its process, not your process. Let it do it’s thing without the added pressure and stress that you’re holding in your body when the made up ideas you have don’t come true.

I had to learn this too. I would often ask myself, “what’s wrong with me? why isn’t this working? when will I feel better?”.

Well, what I eventually learned after many years of beating myself up was that the only phrase that has any relevance at all in the healing process is, what’s next?

I’ve got this new awesome healthy habit in place, what’s next?

I know my body is healing even if I can’t feel it yet, so what’s next?

I learned that this or that thing, food or person is not a source of healing for me and I’m working on it, what’s next?

Well, that didn’t go so well, what’s next?

I’ve come this far in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years….what’s next?

I don’t think I’m quite ready for that particular step, what’s next?

I’m feeling anxious, but I choose to keep going. What’s next?

What’s next?

What’s next?

What’s next?

You may be wondering who the heck you’re talking to here, from where do the answers come?

They come from within yourself, they come from a trusted friend, they come from a highly recommended book, they come from a health practitioner, they come from the universe/God, you’re child’s mouth (yep, my 5 year old once laid something on me that was perfectly timed and definitely from above).

Because when you’re open to taking the next step and moving forward, the answers just come.

And sometimes the answer is to keep going, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change anything. Stick with it.

Because the timeline is not yours, the only thing you can do is keep going and see every bump in the road as a necessary part of the process.

Trust the process.

Transformation can happen when you trust the process.

Because we’re always a work in progress, it matters how we exist in that process and it matters that we have faith and openness to the process.

I sincerely hope you will try some of this on. If you have already and I’m preaching to the choir, then that’s awesome, but I think we all go through moments when we’re not sure if we can trust and we’re not sure where we’re headed.

But, I know firsthand from my own transformation and from my most successful clients that wellness begins when you open yourself up to what’s next.


I would love to hear from you: how do you keep perspective when your health journey gets bumpy? What has worked for you when you start to doubt the process? Feel free to share or send me a message


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